We focus on the business matching between exhibitors and visitors.

Our company is expanding the business scale and income based on the support from the business partners year by year TSO international Inc. was founded in 2011 as a professional exhibition organizer.
We are fully committed to keep forwarding corporate plans with contributions to the development of the industries, which relate with each exhibition and globalization of the exhibition to be a platform of the business.
In addition, with a big sense of duty to solve problems that Japan might face in the future, we will enlarge our corporate scale year by year by planning exhibitions and the conferences that WIN-WIN relations can be built in society, customers, and all the cooperate and partner companies.

Event Frequency

The number of our exhibitions has been steadily increasing since the company has been established.
We carefully research the industries at each exhibition and build networks with the key persons of the industries and greatly contribute to the development of the market which related with the exhibitions.
We have high valuation for our performance at each exhibition from each industries and its built-trust in our business. Hence we are receiving supports from many associations and corporations to produce new globalized exhibitions.
With supporting our own country's development, we will continue creating trade shows which contribute to the development of the industries.

Number of Exhibitors

The numbers of exhibitors are increased in every year based on the expanding exhibition scale and presenting new exhibitions.
Since widen our business locations outside of Japan, our company is highly praised even abroad.
Lifts the support staff skills to provide a courteous follow-up service for abroad exhibitors and also expand the international agents to increase the repeat ratio of participating to our exhibition.
We are going to improve our business structures for development all kinds of market in the future.