List of Exhibitions

TSO International Inc covers industries for improving QOL of people's health and living, which also includes sports, fitness, restaurant service,leisure, ceremonial occasions, etc. Through our exhibitions, TSO International Inc will revitalize and internationalize the domestic market.

Mega sports events such as Rugby World Cup 2019, Tokyo Olympic / Paralympics in 2020, World Stars Games 2021 Kansai will be held in Japan one after another. In addition, by increasing the sports participation rate of citizens, sports business will become a huge business exceeding 15 trillion yen in 2025.
1,This will be a business place to promote regional revitalization through sports.
Participants and fans from all over the world visit and holding sports tourism such as sightseeing and pre-training camps will increase more than ever by holding global sports events.To gain the event management knowledge and improve fun services, and improve the ease of access to the stadium and arena are becoming important point since the movement of the peoples are more activated due to holding pro-sports event and sports competition.This exhibition is for a business meeting that supports regional revitalization in sports business.
2,This is an opportunity to achieve concrete result for sports facility building and operation.
Reform of the stadium & arena is urgent issue for the development of sports in Japan.Various stadiums and arenas are constructed in Japan by 2025, and the renovation of sports facilities will be promoted nationwide.IT and production equipment for entertaining stadiums and arenas that fans can enjoy, facility management and member management system that local residents can enjoy as a symbol of the city, playground and ground facilities to raise the participation rate of regional sports, are gathering at this business trading show.
3,This is a place to exchange information for activating professional and amateur sports.
In order to revitalize the sports market, not only “DO sports” like fitness and running, but also “WATCH sports” such as receiving sensation from professional, university sports, and/or local sports, and also “SUPPORT sports” such as to provide an environmental arrangement and empathy with the team policy, are becoming important. This exhibition is a special exhibition that supports the team management by disseminating state-of-the-art information such as fan service and production service for revitalization, fund procurement method and successful cases in Europe and the United States.

CAFERES JAPAN is specialized exhibition of ingredients, products, facilities, equipment and services for Coffee shop, Cafe, Pizza and Pasta Resutaurant and other food industry. The exhibition space is expanding every year.

WELLNESS FOOD JAPAN holds every year in Tokyo Big Sight to provide a place for development of the food ingredients and material business by capturing the Japanese market situation precisely. A health food market of Japan is the hottest in Asia and still have the market expansion room, and it is the perfect market to improve your branding with "Safety and Relieved" by taking root in Japanese market. Let your business succeed by exhibiting to WELLNESS FOOD JAPAN!!!

Mega sports events such as Rugby World Cup 2019, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2020, and the World Stars Games 2021 Kansai are held one after another in Japan, and the sports market will expand with the keywords of health, beauty and leisure.Sports business will become a huge business exceeding 15 trillion yen in 2025.
1,The largest fitness and sports exhibition in Asia.
For this exhibition, the companies which are handling fitness machines / programs, sports / health supplies / equipment from all over the world will participate.
This is the Asia’s largest exhibition which will gather the latest products and information from all over the world and place to make a business negotiation between fitness and sports business persons.
2,The place of education for experts in sports and health industry.
This exhibition include to holding a seminar program to acquire various latest expertise such as fitness facility management, facility branding, health program, care prevention program, health information, etc.It is a place for education to upgrade the level of industry stakeholders.
3,This is a place of sports entertainment that raises the level of industry.
It is an opportunity for the persons who do sports to present daily efforts and variety of sports events such as bodybuilding, physique, dance-aero, fighting sports, demonstration, etc. will be held also. This is a place of sports entertainment that raises the level of industry.

"ENDEX JAPAN -TOKYO FUNERAL & CEMETERY SHOW-" is expanding its scale year by year in cooperation with an influential group related with the industry, to develop for the next generation of the diversify life ending industry and stone industry. About 400 companies related with the ending industry/ stone industry from all over the world will exhibit and 28,000 visitors including funerals and ceremony business, grave land/a cemetery, religion persons, stone industry, and local government also from all the world come to the 2018 trading show. And it will be hectic information exchange and business meeting opportunity during 3 days exhibition.

According to "Specified service industries dynamic statistics investigation" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the sales amount of an amusement park/ the theme park of 2014 was 628,900 million yen of the +6.8% increase compared with the previous fiscal year, which was supported by the increased foreign tourist numbers. And the number recorded the past maximum amount since investigation start of 2000 and in March 2015, recorded maximum amount in the past as single month 66,700 million yen of the 14.4% increase compared with the previous year. In addition, the number of guest for amusement park / theme park of 2014 reaches a record highest in the past as 79,940 people of the 4.8% increase compared with the previous fiscal year, and the theme park industry move up steadily since the sales amount becomes the tendency to increase per guest. The playground equipment, facilities, the services for the theme park/amusement park/recreation facilities get-together at "JAPAN THEME PARK EXPO (PARX)", unique in Japan, and this exhibition held as leader of the Japanese leisure industry to invigorate theme park industry, support the countryside sightseeing of the foreign tourist, promote the hiring in countryside, and to aim for the improvement of the nation QOL.

A company providing theater facilities and service supporting various entertainment including a play, concert, and event to be carried out using the stage and also the theater engineer such as a rendering, a lighting, an audio, the stage, screen image, are not only create the work, but also improve services and do the maintenance of facilities to attempt the director, the staff, and the audience are safe and can spend the time comfortably and support culture and make peoples satisfy. And Japan theater and entertainment market expansion are expected by holding the constant concert and the play, also the increase theatergoing services for foreigners including foreign tourists. The theater industry need to exchange information and learning the latest techniques by get-together theater engineers and the people involved theater business in order to carry on the traditional techniques and latest technology for many current theater engineers to permanent development in future. This special exhibition will be held grandly as a trigger to jump-start the industry and to promotes development of the theater industry and solves various management problems.

Due to the change of the population structure because of low birthrate and aging, the holiday marketing grows up based on the reason of elderly people who has much spare time, especially sports section and sightseeing section, and pleasure trip section will continue its expansion. As leisure sports / outdoor facility / equipment / service specialty exhibition " LEISURE & OUTDOOR EXPO(LEIX)" through sports industry which is substantial business in leisure industry category, work out on "Healthy protracted-life society" and "Expansion of the sports market" which is Japan Government policy, and improve the sports activity facilities in all over Japan, build or renewal an arena stadium and a circuit to watch the sports, we move ahead to establish new sports. Sports trial, equipment and services related with leisure industry, like motor sports / outdoor / bouldering / watching sports, will be get-together in one place and it will be held the theme park facilities specialty exhibition "JAPAN THEME PARK EXPO (PARX)" at the same time.