About Us


Welcome to TSO International Inc. web site.

I am Tsuyoshi Sasaki, CEO of TSO International Inc.
As the specialized company by hosting and planning the exhibitions, we hold the international exhibitions every year at the largest international exhibition venue in Japan.
Sports / Fitness / Coffee & Tea industry / Recreation & Theme park industry / Health food & Food raw material industry / Funeral service & Burial industry, and our industry domain to specialize in opens for every service industries.
As the youngest company in the exhibition business in Japan, we bind strong partnership with the agencies from the overseas, the influential organizations / associations, and government in order to gain the trust of the client using the smooth service which is not in the major company to enlarge market share.
Since the establishment, we stretch it out at the exhibition number, exhibition space, an all doubling pace and will become the Japanese eminent exhibition company in the next ten years.

Japan increases the foreign tourist at a doubling pace because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and is the attractive market where investment gathers from all over the world.
Also, Japan breaks into the super-aged society ahead of a developed country and become the health longevity country which advanced most in the world.
I would like to let everybody understand the charm of Japan and have you be interested in our exhibitions and want to have you to participate.
Japan is one of the most culturally and traditionally fascinating and graceful countries in the world.
Please consider to participate in our exhibitions to extend your business field from Japan to the other countries and from your country to Japan.

Tsuyoshi Sasaki, President.

Management Vision

As a few Japanese companies producing a large-scale exhibition, we continue expanding our business every day without belonging to the group companies.

We hold an exhibition with focusing on the industry that supporting healthy and cultural life and indispensable to the making of happy life.
Sports / Fitness / Healthy food industry are for preventing from disease and to live a healthy life forever.
Preventive care / Care industry / Funeral service / Burial industry are for having a happy senior life and final days of life in the aging society.
Leisure / Theme park industry / Coffee / Tea industry are for suggesting to have relaxed-life-style in stressed society in substantial spare time through leisure.
These all markets are required all over the world as well as Japan, and expansion is expected more and more in the future.

We strengthen these domains more and, as well as Japan, aim to become the most influential exhibition company in Asia, and we will continue providing health and happiness of people through our exhibitions.

As a professional with the specialty

Even if some of the simple event companies might hold one time exhibition, there are few companies which knows how to keep the permanent industrial development as the present condition.
There are the events as the culture business by the government and the newspaper publisher, but there are few cases succeeding in to the place making a new business platform.
Our each staff concludes partnership with an outside expert and greatly contributes to development of the industry as an expert exhibition producer.